Well & Good is a holistic health hub in central Blenheim providing a range of services to our community. We are founded on the vision of inspiring better quality of life, by providing integrated, quality care in a friendly and professional environment. We offer a range of services including massage therapy, psychology, dietetics, vocational consultancy, and personal training. We have an on-site gym and studio space.

We are looking to ease pressure on our existing team by employing (or contracting) an additional Physiotherapist. Ideally we would love an experienced therapist who is happy to hit the ground running, treating a range of patient presentations including post-op orthopaedics, sports injuries, joint replacement rehab… We are providers of the ACC Vocational Rehab contract but are happy to exclude this from the case load if not an area of interest.

Our existing Physiotherapists have experience and post-grad qualifications in Neurology, Vocational Rehab, Womens Health, Oncology Rehab, Lymphoedema Management, Pilates and Yoga. Because of our diverse and extensive experience we will consider mentoring a new graduate in this position.

We have a great relationship with local Orthopaedic surgeons, GPs, Podiatrists and other healthcare practitioners. We highly value ongoing education, work life balance and keeping our work environment healthy and happy.

Here in Marlborough we enjoy the best of the antipodean culture that NZ is known for: high sunshine hours, access to ocean and alpine environs, and a diverse and progressive community.

If you are considering a change in 2020 please get in touch to discuss options.

Position Requirements:
NZ Residency
NZ Work Visa
Annual Practicing Certificate
First Aid Certificate

About Well & Good Health

We are living in an era of heightened access to knowledge, and never before have we seen such a focus on health and wellbeing; by individuals, organisations and in government health strategy. Lifestyle, nutrition, and mental health all at the forefront of most people’s social media feed, if not daily life. As three sole traders (and Physiotherapists) Anna, Abby and Kate realised that in order to really make a difference in the healthcare industry, pooling their resources and working together was the only way.  More and more health care providers are realising the need to work in a multidisciplinary team in order to achieve the best results. Rather than following the traditional siloed approach, the Well & Good founders have brought together a comprehensive group of synergistic professionals who now meet in the hallway and chat over coffee (or kombucha) to plan and execute strategies of optimal recovery and wellbeing. Traditionally health care providers work together as one discipline (think Physiotherapy or GP Practice) or, work solo (Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Psychologists). Well & Good is on a mission to provide a nurturing, inspiring workplace where a range of practitioners work together to provide a holistic wrap around service to their clients.  The World Health Organisation states “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. We know that the ‘human being’ is a complex organism. When we are injured or have a traumatic experience, it is not just one system that is affected. There might be tissue damage, pain, fear of re-injury, and the need to get back to pre-injury sport/activity. Healthcare training and the way the industry is structured promotes a siloed approach to delivering services, with many healthcare professionals focussing only on the clinical nature of a “disease” and not able to consider the person in front of them as a whole. “We are concerned about not only our patients’ health and wellbeing, but our therapists too. The healthcare industry struggles with lack of funding, therapist burnout and isolation. The purpose of Well & Good was to create a space where therapists work alongside other wellness professionals who provide not only professional support and a sounding board, but a social and team environment which evidence shows is key to workplace health. A place where therapists thrive, surely means better outcomes for our clients”. Well & Good is equipped to provide the physical, mental and social wellbeing required for ultimate health and continue to develop their offering based on the need they see in front of them.  Current services include: Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Psychology, Vocational Consultancy, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Yoga and Pilates.