Are you an enthusiastic and dynamic physiotherapist who values evidence-based practice? We are looking to expand our team of professionals dedicated to changing the lives of our older clientele in our existing practice, and build a practice providing innovative exercise prescriptions for those of all ages with long-term conditions. We offer a truly flexible working environment where you can work as many or as few hours as you need. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or simply wanting to maintain your physiotherapy skills whilst working elsewhere, we can accommodate your needs.

You will be joining a workplace that is supportive, innovative, and provides an ideal training environment. We welcome any qualified physiotherapists, regardless of their experience. Growing the capacity and capability of physiotherapists to meet the needs of our ageing population is core to our practice and we see mentoring and teaching as an essential part of that.

The Director of Physiotherapy Works is a physiotherapist with more than twenty years’ experience in improving the lives of older adults through resistance training. Passionate about keeping older clients independent for longer, we are seeking someone who has honed their exercise prescription skills or is interested in learning this critical and expanding area of practice.

Physiotherapy Works is an innovative practice that focuses on clients aged 50 years and over. We are based in central Auckland but also provide services to clients in their homes. The programmes that we offer are dynamic and fun and aimed at countering endemic ageism and the limitations that places on people in later life. Our clients regularly amaze with what they are able to do with our support. We feel intense professional pride when our 90-year-old clients perform modified cross-fit programmes with kettle bells, bar bells and plyometrics. This work is critical in making a radical difference to peoples’ lives.

In addition to working with older adults, we have a growing practice providing exercise prescriptions and fitness training for people at a range of life stages, targeting specific challenges. This means that we can offer a really interesting and varied working life, tailored to your needs. Regardless of your experience, we can provide the training to carry out any of the different roles with confidence.

If you are a physiotherapist at any stage in your career that wants to make a difference every day in your professional life, please join us.

More information can be found on the Physiotherapy Works website: www.physiotherapyworks.co.nz.

Position Requirements:
Annual Practicing Certificate

About Physiotherapy Works

Physiotherapy Works physiotherapists are passionate about making a profound difference to the quality of life of the older adult through the promotion of mobility, function and independence. Our expert and dedicated team provide evidence-based physiotherapy of the highest standard to the residents of aged-care facilities and across all communities. Recently we have expanded our business to target younger clients with our 'Stronger for Longer' series of programmes aimed at developing positive ageing strategies in middle age. We are very focused on the health and wellbeing of our staff and believe that physiotherapists cannot provide innovative and excellent care if they are over-committed and burnt out themselves. This is why we offer a highly flexible and supportive working environment, ideal for those juggling family responsibilities.