About Back In Action Physio

We pride ourselves on not only looking at the injured area during the assessment and treatment, but considering the biomechanics of the whole body to help gain complete recovery from injuries and make patients "BETTER, FASTER".

Patients will receive high-class, professional treatment from New Zealand and internationally trained, internationally recognised physiotherapists using a wide range of treatment modalities. Some of the sports injuries that we regularly treat include football, rugby, netball, indoor netball, volleyball, triathlons, multisport, sailing, gym goers, crossfit, touch rugby, gymnastics, running, cycling, walking and anything you can do that gets your heart rate going.

We not only help patients get back in action as quickly and efficiently as possible but also work with them to figure out what caused the injury and thus how to stop it returning and preventing further injuries.

We have a great group of therapists and a fantastic administration who together make working with us fun and easy.

The beach and bush are close enough that most staff can be spotted there regularly throughout the week as we have flexible hours of work.  

Go and check us out at www.biaphysio.com. Then it's easy – if you want to know more then drop me an email with some questions or if you are already keen then send me your CV and we can have a chat. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Leanna Veal


    Back In Action Physio Back In Action Physio - we make you better, faster for good.
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    Back In Action Physio Back In Action Physio gets our patients better, faster for good.
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