sweet7 is a holistic physiotherapy studio that focuses on exercise rehabilitation using a range of techniques including ELDOA, Myofascial stretch and CHEK institute exercise therapy.

We have a varied and interesting client base ranging from post-surgical clients, acute and chronic care to high performance athletes.  We look at their lifestyle factors to decrease inflammation and improve the healing response.

Complementing our Physiotherapy treatment model, we offer; one on one exercise rehabilitation sessions; small group exercise rehabilitation sessions; classes in: postural correction, spinal decompression, weight training, sports training recovery and isolated exercise reinforcement training.


We are looking for a talented physiotherapist with 2 or more years’ experience in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to join our team.

Our preferred applicant will need to have a genuine interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Any post graduate training in manual Therapy, acupuncture and sport physiotherapy is helpful but not a necessity to apply for the position.

The successful applicant will enjoy a great working environment, flexible hours and ongoing education in Fascial and Myofascial Techniques and Exercise Rehabilitation utilizing the CHEK Musculoskeletal Model.  You will also have full personal use of the studio/equipment.


Please contact Aileen via email to info@sweet7.co.nz with your interest, background and CV attached. Applications close: 15th March 2019

Position Requirements:
NZ Residency
Annual Practicing Certificate
> 2yrs Post Graduate Experience

About sweet7

Sweet7 empowers you to achieve your health goals by working the core natural and scientific fundamentals of wellbeing and physical health. There are seven components and each is designed to work in delicate balance with the others. These elements are Movement, Thought, Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Community and Breathing.

We are a multi-faceted studio. Our services add up to a unique balance of physiotherapy, strength training, nutrition and postural conditioning.

We work with all walks of life. Many are working professionals with/without children. Some are weekend athletes, some are injured, some are not. However, everyone is aware that their body is not what it used to be. They feel the niggly aches and pains and are regularly tired. And they’re sick of it.
Our clients need guidance and help to check the toll that everyday living takes on their wellbeing. They often feel like they’ve lost who they were and want to find themselves again by breaking the habits that constantly stand in their way.